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SA Motor Lease are the specialists in the Rent to Buy cars sector (a.k.a. Rent to Own). The main product of this company is the renting of a car to an individual or company for an agreed period. Once this period is reached, the renter is then able to purchase the vehicle for a nominal fee.

One of many unique selling points is that the customer is allowed to upgrade or downgrade their vehicle at any point. SA Motor Lease cater for all clients; regardless of whether they are blacklisted and / or have a poor credit score.

SA Motor Lease flourished with the enforcement of lockdown; causing the fleet size to grow as the demand for Rent to Buy and leased vehicles grew exceptionally fast. Instead of selling de-fleeted vehicles from Pace Car Rental; SA Motor Lease add these vehicles to its fleet for the Rent to Buy sector. This means that the vehicle is then back on the road generating income.