Cars for People with No Credit History

Cars for People with No Credit History

Are you looking for a car and have no credit history? Maybe you’re just a graduate with a new job and no vehicle?

Having bad or no credit history can create finance hassles when trying to purchase a vehicle. It seems nearly impossible to get a car loan! A long term car rental could also be an option for you as you decide on your options.

At SA Motor Lease however, we can provide you with a car or bakkie on a rent to buy basis, regardless of whether you have bad credit history or no credit history at all!

All we need from you is a stable job with the necessary cash flow each month and the deposit readily available and SA Motor Lease will help you obtain the car you deserve.

Call us now on 011 640 5000 or email and enquire about our current lease and rent to buy car deals for people with no credit history.

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