Car Lease for Blacklisted

Car Lease for Blacklisted

At SA Motor Lease we offer our unique version of rent to buy and this is available to individuals and companies who may be blacklisted and cannot gain access to traditional bank finance. SA Motor Lease does not offer a credit or a finance product but rather an affordable option between traditional car rental and bank finance, in this way the product is available to clients that may be blacklisted or have impaired credit records.

Blacklisted clients can apply for our version of rent to buy with very little hassle and we have a very high success rate for getting blacklisted clients into a vehicle, provided they can meet the affordability requirements, our version of rent to buy does not tie you in to a set contract period but rather offers a loyalty program that anticipates a win win should the client keep the car for a long period of time, blacklisted clients can return the vehicle at anytime or move back to traditional financial institutions should the impaired credit improve at anytime in the rental period.

SA Motor Lease offers vehicle leases that are not finance products.  Do you need a lease for your business or a private lease for as little as 12 months but as long as 60 months?  Then SA Motor Lease may be the cost effective solution you have been searching for.  A full maintenance lease is not a finance product so you can enter into a lease even if you are under debt review or blacklisted so long as you can afford the monthly payments.

In order to make these deals are cost effective we generally do the leases with “demo model vehicles”.  This means the initial depreciation cost has been incurred and we can offer competitive prices.  The advantage of leasing over rental is that with a lease you can choose your make and model of vehicle, quite often when your company rents a vehicle for you, you have to take the car the rental company delivers.

Vehicle leases with SA Motor Lease include all maintenance and comprehensive insurance.  This means your travels in the lease vehicle will be hassle free, and you won’t waste days trying to negotiate better prices on maintenance, we do that for you.  You are limited to 2,500 kms per month when you lease a vehicle (we do have unlimited options on our rent to buy products which are also not finance products).

At the end of the lease, you return the vehicle and don’t need to worry about selling it, trade ins etc.  With a lease we take the risk on the value at the end of the lease.

If you are intending lease on a long term basis, it may be a good idea to take a rent to buy vehicle.  With these you can eventually reduce your rental to nil, and take the full value when you sell the vehicle.  This means you take the benefits when you sell the vehicle.  A rent to buy is practically like a lease, but you are rewarded with more value the longer you lease the vehicle, and the better you look after the vehicle.

Our leases are not a finance product and therefore people with no credit scorepeople under debt review and blacklisted individuals are welcome to apply for a lease vehicle.  We support responsible spending and encourage you to act responsibly when making a decision on which vehicle to choose, and setting your budget.