Car Finance for Blacklisted Individuals

Car Finance for Blacklisted Individuals

Car finance is usually unavailable for blacklisted individuals, in fact if you could find finance, you would no longer refer to yourself as blacklisted.  The only cost effective alternative to renting at sky high prices is to look at options available for rent to buy, which are not credit agreements.  SA Motor Lease will review and approve your rent to buy application within 100 minutes once you have submitted 100% of your documents.  Are you currently struggling to obtain finance or blacklisted and looking for a vehicle? The SA Motor Lease version of rent to buy is not a finance product so we don’t look at your credit history, if you can afford a vehicle you can drive it! SA Motor lease offers a loyalty scheme for blacklisted individuals and private leasing for people struggling to get finance or under debt review, at prices that will make your budget stretch a little further each month.

Options for Blacklisted Individuals

Blacklisted individuals who do not qualify for finance should consider the SA Motor Lease rental option, as a cheap way to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  At SA Motor Lease we go out of our way to make our rent to buy process as easy as possible. You choose the car you want and get the benefits of ownership without having to jump through the hoops required by the banks. We offer significant savings and loyalty benefits.

Our loyalty program means if you rent the same vehicle for 48/ 54 /60 months*, we expect to get only R100 on the sale of the vehicle.

Our LOYALTY SCHEME gives you options that make sense!

Why not take the risk out of buying a car while you are blacklisted with a rent to buy car lease from SA Motor Lease?

Call us now on 011 640 5000 or email and enquire about our current rent to buy car deals for blacklisted people.

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