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About us

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The SA Motor Lease rent to buy concept is the new way to buy a car. It was started 10 years ago by our CEO Grenville Salmon, it was conceived by a need to meet the needs of long term car rental clients by helping them receive the benefits of ownership for being a loyal car hiring client. Originally incorporated into the Pace Car Rental day to day business the SA Motor Lease brand has evolved into a standalone business with the aim of helping clients that cannot access traditional finance facilities due to being blacklisted, having a low or no credit scores, or even just not wanting the commitments and obligations of finance institutions.

Over the years SA Motor Lease has grown its client base and assisted 1000’s of clients to be mobile, fulfil their work and family obligations.The SA Motor Lease Rent to buy cars option has numerous benefits such as returning their car without penalties, opting to finance the car through the banks should their credit situation improve, upgrade or downgrade at any time, the monthly rental includes vehicle licencing, tracking, insurance waivers, accident management, maintenance assistance and much more.

At SA Motor Lease we pride ourselves on helping clients by providing a variety of rent to buy car options to choose from as well as a high-quality experience that keeps clients coming back for more and referring friends and family as we offer a trusted service that always meets our commitment and values of helping clients to become mobile.

Why buy a car, when you can lease a car.